Camping Picnic Tables

Every campout needs a good picnic table.

Quality Site Furniture manufactures durable camping picnic tables. Campers can enjoy the strong, stainless steel tables without worrying about messy cleanups, tipping, or chipping. Our three-step powder coating process protects these picnic tables from the extreme weather conditions that adventurers always have to be prepared for. Tables can be customized in two different styles and a wide variety of colors.

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Camping Picnic Table Features

Smooth Surface

The aluminum table tops are powder coated to a smooth finish. This keeps the surface sleek for easy cleaning.

Non-Tipping Design

Each picnic table is designed with angled legs to keep the table from tipping.
This keeps the camping picnic table safe for the whole family to enjoy.

Wheelchair Options

We offer wheelchair compliant picnic tables on one or both sides of the eight foot picnic table. {No additional cost}

Powder Coating Colors

At Quality Site Furniture, we offer a variety of powder coating colors to match the outdoor lifestyle.

What makes the picnic table’s surface so durable?

Three-Step Powder Coating Finishing

Step 1: Sandblast

Picnic tables are sandblasted to a white metal finish to create a profile. This helps the powder coat to adhere to the metal surfaces.


Step 2: Primer

The epoxy primer makes the picnic tables resistant to rust and water.


Step 3: Powder Coat

The picnic tables are polyester powder-coated, protecting them from chipping, scratching, and sun damage. It is available with a variety of color options including classic blacks and vibrant reds.