Classic Buddy Bench

The Classic Buddy Bench is the perfect addition to elementary school playgrounds across the nation. Each metal bench is available with custom laser-cut designs including mascots, inscriptions, sceneries, and more. The Buddy Bench is powder-coated to a durable finish that protects the metal from rust and corrosion. We offer a large variety of color options to accentuate any landscape.

Purpose of the Buddy Bench:
The Buddy Bench was designed as a place where kids could sit if they were lonely on the playground. Other children would notice the kid on the bench and invite them to play. Buddy Benches have become an essential addition to over 500 schools across the United States and are constantly growing.
The Buddy Bench–helping create friendships and eliminate loneliness on the playground. Call at (801) 910-9194 or email

4′ Bench – $1049

6′ Bench – $1299

8′ Bench – $1599

*Prices may vary with design.