Commercial Picnic Tables

Picnic Tables are essential to meetings, lunches, and parties. You’ll always need them, and they’ll never go out of style. So forget the hassle of maintaining and replacing picnic tables! At Quality Site Furniture, you can get outdoor furniture that lasts.
Our tables withstand rain, hail, snow, and harsh sun rays, without any rust or corrosion. This is because all of our furniture is sandblasted, primed, and powder-coated to endure all weather extremes without showing any damage.
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Make It Your Own

Quality Site Furniture tables can also fit in nicely as indoor tables. Either outside or inside, our Picnic tables are perfect for gatherings among friends, family, and colleagues. Plus, these tables are customized to fit your company perfectly.
You have tons of options for personalizing your picnic table. For example, your tabletops can be metal or aluminum. If you go with metal, you can choose from a huge array of colors. On the other hand, if you go with aluminum, you also get the option of anodizing. You can also adjust the size of the table, and even extend the ends to make it wheelchair accessible on one or both ends (at no extra cost)!
Check out some more of your customizing options below.

Customizing Options


*Wheelchair accessibility at no extra cost.


Powder Coated


An important characteristic of all our outdoor furniture is that it is kid-friendly!! That means spills and messes are no problem; a little dab of water or quick wipe down is all it takes to clean up!
Besides that, the jumping and bumping is inevitable–but no danger for our picnic tables! They won’t tip over, warp, or scratch. So have a picnic, and don’t worry about the rest!