Memorial Bench

At Quality Site Furniture, we provide custom designed memorial benches to commemorate your loved ones who have passed. Memorial Benches are the perfect addition to parks, cemeteries, gardens, and backyards. We work with custom designs to truly give you a one-of-a-kind bench. Each bench is available with custom laser cut design work including images, sceneries, and descriptions. Normal Bench prices do not reflect the pricing for Memorial Benches.

To start your Memorial Bench, email or give us a call at (801) 210-9194.

*Prices vary with design.

Let The Bench Tell Their Story

No two benches are alike, just like no two people are alike. Each memorial bench is custom designed to pay tribute to that individual or loved one. Our designers will work tirelessly with you to create a metal bench that tells their story. Images, sketches, Word Documents, etc. will help the design team to produce a mockup that helps represent your loved one’s memory.

Send Us Photographs, Sceneries, Etc.

For the memorial bench, we strive to provide as much detail as possible. By sending our team photographs and sharing memories, we are able to better capture them into the metal bench. We will not start cutting the bench until we have your final approval on the design.

Shipped To You

Once the metal bench has been laser cut, it is bent into shape and powder coated for a long-lasting, weatherproof finish. After the memorial bench has gone through the complete powder coating process, it is packaged and shipped directly to you.

Bench Style Options:

The memorial bench is available in three styles: Classic, Arched, and Metropolitan. Each bench features fully customizable laser cut design options on the back. Be sure to specify which bench you would like when ordering.

Classic Style

The classic bench style is designed from a single sheet of metal with custom slat detailing. It is available with a fully customizable back.

Classic Arch Style

The classic arch bench features a beautiful curved back and modern slat detailing that accentuates the surrounding areas.

Metropolitan Style

The metropolitan bench is comprised of separate laser cut metal parts that are welded together for an urban style finish.


Memorial Bench Gallery:

Who said a memorial bench has to be a standard bench shape? This bench was created in the shape of a snare drum to honor a loved one that had passed.

Our designers are capable of taking a photo and incorporating it into the bench design. This keeps your loved ones memory fresh in everyone’s memory.

The arched memorial bench is a beautiful style for parks, campuses, and cemeteries. It is a similar body option as the classic bench, with modern slat designs.

This memorial bench featured artwork from the family’s loved one. This is just one of the many examples of how we capture their memories into the bench.

The benches are created to enhance the surrounding area. This gives the the memorial bench a sense of place and allows visitors to take a moment to reflect.

The bench is a perfect place to share places or objects with special meaning. Our talented designers are capable of designing temples, portraits, sceneries, and more.

Adding a personalized inscription is a beautiful bench option. This words will provide comfort to family and strangers alike.

Pay tribute to your friends and family members that have gone before us. It’s a small way to honor their life and memory.

This bench was created for a man that loved baseball. We incorporated a signed baseball with bat style slats.

Bench Features:

Minimum Welds

The Marine Trash Receptacles are cut from a single sheet of metal that is then rolled into shape. This process requires less welds that could potentially cause rust and corrosion and adds additional durability to the metal trash receptacle.


Each trash receptacle is powder-coated to a smooth, solid finish. The powder coating creates a weatherproof seal to protect the metal from rust, corrosion, chips, and fading that could shorten the life of the receptacle.