Metal Picnic Tables

The Metal Picnic Tables are the toughest, sturdiest tables available. They are waterproof, weatherproof, and with non-tipping legs and easy-to-clean surfaces, they are even childproof. These heavy-duty tables don’t corrode, rust, or chip—even under extreme weather conditions. They are made to last through anything, without ever revealing wear or tear. Stand, jump, and pound on one of our metal picnic tables and see for yourself! Find out more about our picnic tables and how you can order yours by calling (801) 210-9194 or emailing

Picnic Table Features:


  • Super Strong Structure

  • Non-Tipping Legs

  • Weatherproof Durability

  • Rust-Resistant Coat

  • Custom Colors

  • No chipping

  • Quick, Easy Cleanup

…What makes the Metal Picnic Table so durable?

Less Welds, More Lasers

Instead of building from scraps, fusing pieces together, every piece of furniture starts out as a single sheet of metal. The metal is bent into shape, minimizing welds. Also, the slat designs are done with laser cutting to further reduce welds.
The less welds, the stronger the structure.
And the stronger the structure, the longer it’ll last.
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