Modern Picnic Tables

Quality Site Furniture in Spanish Fork, Utah manufactures picnic tables that update any site with a modern feel and offer a fresh change of scenery in places like parks and school campuses. The heavy-duty powder coating process keeps these picnic tables looking new, regardless of too much snow or sunlight—even here in Utah! You can also customize your table, choosing from two styles and a wide range of powder coat colors.

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Modern Picnic Table Features

Sleek Surface

The aluminum tops are powder coated for a smooth sleek surface. This allows for easy picnic table cleaning.

Non-Tipping Legs

The angled, tubular legs prevent the picnic table from tipping, even with uneven distributions of weight.

Wheelchair Accessibility

At Quality Site Furniture, our team offers wheelchair accessible picnic tables.
These are available on the eight foot tables for no additional price.

Modern Slats

The modern picnic tables are designed with a slat design. This matches our Classic Bench and Picnic Table styles.

Other Modern Furniture Options:

Classic Bench

The Classic Bench and Classic Picnic Table are picture-perfect for parks and city landscapes. Each bench is available with custom design options including logos and inscriptions.

Classic Receptacle

Easy clean-up, different lid options, and rustproof; those are some of the important aspects of the Classic Receptacle. They are each available in 2 size options: 32 and 44 gallons.

Bike Racks

Bike racks are an eco-friendly addition to public parks. Each metal bicycle rack is available with 1 to 13 loops to fit the needs of your community. You also have the choice of powder coating color.


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