Park Picnic Tables

Parks aren’t just for sunny summer days. Quality Site Furniture’s Park Picnic Tables make having outdoor get-togethers all year long a walk in the park. Rain, snow, and hail can fall with no damage done. Children can jump and play on the picnic tables with no fear of tipping; Messes can be made with no dread of hard cleanups. Friends and family can come together for a picnic in the park with plenty of room for food on the table and memories to be made.

Don’t let your picnic be short a sandwich.
Don’t let your park be short a Park Picnic Table.

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There Are Two Styles of Park Picnic Tables:
Chicago and Lindon


Wheelchair Accessibility (Optional)
Heavy-Duty Structure
100% Stainless Steel
Modern Slat Designs
Non-Tipping Legs


Anodized Aluminum Tabletop and Seats (Optional)
Wheelchair Accessibility (optional)
Heavy-Duty Structure
Non-Tipping Legs
Classic Look