Tables That Don’t Tip

When you buy a picnic table, you can confidently know that it will be of the highest quality. Our tables are able to withstand a large amount of weight distribution to one side without tipping, and can handle being dropped from different heights. They come with options for powder coating or anodizing, with different color options through powder coating. This also creates a weatherproof coat, that can withstand many different weather conditions.

Our tables come in two styles, square legs, or rounded legs. The rounded legs aren’t quite as tip resistant, but more tip resistant than many other rounded leg picnic tables, and they can still withstand up to three people on one side without tipping. There are different size options 6′ and 8′ for the squared off legs. They feature ADA options for wheelchair access, with no added charge. *ADA options are not available for the rounded leg tables*

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