Utah Bike Rack Manufacturers

All of our metal bike racks are made in Utah, and designed to last for years and years.

At Quality Site Furniture, we manufacture steel bike racks in Utah. Weatherproof and rust-resistant, these bike racks can take the heat, the cold, and the wet. The bike racks are available in an array of powder coat colors that range from neutral to bright, and you can customize yours to have up to 11 loops.

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What Makes The Coating So Durable?

The Powder Coating Process

  • The bike rack is sandblasted to a white metal finish to clean and better adhere the powder coat.
  • The epoxy primer makes the bike rack resistant to rust and water.
  • The bike racks are polyester powder-coated, protecting them from chipping, scratching, and sun damage.

Sleek Surface

The powder coat keeps the metal surface smooth; protecting it from chips and scratches.

Stainless Steel Legs

The stainless steel legs protect the bike rack from corrosion creeping up the metal surfaces.

Color Options

At Quality Site Furniture, we provide a variety of powder coating colors to match he feel of the surrounding areas.

Loop Sizes

The bike racks are available with one to eleven loop options.